FREE Solstice Passage Ceremony

What is NAI'A Breathwork?

It is a relaxation approach that helps self-regulate your nervous system.

Who is it for?

For all people in good physical condition who want to slow down, relax, and revitalize their system. If you have a medical condition or are heavily medicated, check with your doctor and with us before signing up.

I do no have a breathing or yoga practice, can I participate?


What benefits can I get from this practice?
  1. It’s different for everyone, and in general:
  2. increased well-being,
  3. peace of mind,
  4. mental clarity,
  5. cellular vitality,
  6. happiness,
  7. brain and heart coherence,
  8. better circulation
  9. deep relaxation,
  10. better sleep,
  11. better physical and mental performance
  12. increased ability to deal with emotions

There’s no reason not to participate! 😉

We deserve to dream.

To dream of a better future.

To dream of a supportive community.

To dream of self sovereignty.

We deserve to dream things INTO MANIFESTATION.


FREE Solstice Passage Ceremony to honour the year, to let go and to let in the guidance for this new beginning.

Let’s take time in community to rest upon Mama Earth, to bow to winter, to silence the mind, to revitalize our energy and to make space for our revelations to come.

Sign up for the live online session!

On the Menu:

  • Short intro to breathwork and astro guidance

  • Dance Ritual to open the pathways of our vessel

  • Breathwork Journey

  • Sound Healing Integration

Everyone is welcome. No experience needed. If you do have a severe illness please notify us at


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