NAI’A YOGA TRAINING PROGRAM (20hrs) certified by Yoga Alliance

3120 Chem. de North Hatley, Sherbrooke, QC J1N 2Y4

OCTOBER 21-23 2022

Danza Medicina




Nai’a’s elemental trance dance is a ritual and sacred process that brings us closer to the source of self and facilitates both our release and manifestation currents. By diving into the depths of our internal waters and activating step by step the qualities of the elements through the body-emotions-consciousness fields, you are invited to get in touch with the subtle worlds that inhabit you and thus develop a brand new, or revisited, relationship with all those parts of you that compose you, and that are reflected in the world around you.

You are invited to explore yogic, tantric and shamanic dynamics that will help you to reach states of natural and safe trance… breathe the music, dance your breath, capture the frequencies of nature that are already vibrating within you. Drive the vortex flow of your consciousness with expansion and integrity, releasing resistance and manifesting new qualities to your reality.