Online Nai’a Breathwork Session

What is NAI'A Breathwork?

It is a relaxation approach that helps self-regulate your nervous system.

Who is it for?

For all people in good physical condition who want to slow down, relax, and revitalize their system. If you have a medical condition or are heavily medicated, check with your doctor and with us before signing up.

I do no have a breathing or yoga practice, can I participate?


What benefits can I get from this practice?
  1. It’s different for everyone, and in general:
  2. increased well-being,
  3. peace of mind,
  4. mental clarity,
  5. cellular vitality,
  6. happiness,
  7. brain and heart coherence,
  8. better circulation
  9. deep relaxation,
  10. better sleep,
  11. better physical and mental performance
  12. increased ability to deal with emotions

There’s no reason not to participate! 😉

We deserve to dream.

To dream of a better future.

To dream of a supportive community.

To dream of self sovereignty.

We deserve to dream things INTO MANIFESTATION.



Join us for a NAI’A breathwork journey to celebrate the completion of a long cycle and clear the way for our dreams. Session led by Jhennevièv.

  • Opening Meditation
  • “Deserving to Dream” Self Reflection
  • Restructuring your Mind and Boosting your Immunity with NAI’A Breathwork
  • Breathwork Journey
  • Closing Q&A

A NAI’A Breathwork journey is an immersive experience in sound healing and conscious breathwork. NAI’A breathwork is a practice used for nervous system regulation and to support your overall wellness.

No experience required. Please email us if you have a serious medical condition.

WEDNESDAY SEPT 29 5:30-7:15pm Montreal Time.

Available on replay.